How should a sweater vest be worn?


Do sweater vests appear frequently on your timeline? You’re not alone, after all! The current fashion craze is sleeveless sweater vests. These knitted cardigans are a part of the autumn collections from high-end fashion giants like Dior, Gucci, and Prada. We’ve compiled some of the top looks from influencers to help you decide how to wear this trend:

Sweater vest outfit: like a dress

The sweater vest is worn as an oversized dress in this look, which is a little different. Take @marvaldel as an example of how this trend is styled. Your big white shirt and cream knit vest should be worn together, and add some black accessories to finish the look. How stylish are these boots, too? For the coolest boot trends of 2020, check here if you’re still seeking for boots for fall or winter.

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Sweater vest outfit: leather look

Just wear something black and white like @missbathman. Put on a white long sleeve blouse, a white handbag, and your cream sweater vest. Finish the look with a pair of platform Dr. Martens and black leather pants.

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Sweater vest outfit: casual look

Of course, this trend cannot be missing for guys. Choose a black v-neck sweater vest over a white T-shirt for a casual style à la @the.simons. Wear this with a pair of baggy jeans, a pair of Dr. Martens, and some white Nike socks.

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Sweater vest outfit: match with shoes

This suit is fashionable and cozy, making it ideal for the chilly winter days. As @alanrvy suggests, pair the cream-colored cable knit vest with a dark blue sweater, a pair of loose-fitting dark trousers, and a pair of shoes that match your oversized sweater vest.

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